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January 18, 2013
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The usual Saturday morning with something very unusual.

"TONI!!!" Gilbert screamed as he ran to kitchen from his room.

"Why are you screaming my name in the morning!?" Antonio said as he rubbed his eyes sleepily.

Francis poured coffee for the three of them.

"Here." he said as he handed over the drink.

"Now,what is up?"

"Gil,did you end up falling in love with me?!" Antonio said half smirking and half pretended to be shocked.

"..uh what!! NO!!"

"Then?" both Francis and Antonio said in unison.

"..What does it mean if you dream about a particular person more than one time and you can't stop thinking about that person?"

Francis and Antonio exchanged looks, Hint of mischief glittered in their eyes.

"ohonhonhon" Francis laughed his signature laugh.

"Now,Gil  we both know you know what it means~" Antonio teased Gil

"It doesn't! The Awesome me can't fall in love!! People fall for the Awesome me!"

"Fusosososo whatever you say Gil~ "Antonio said a gilbert made his was out of the room.

"The great me, is going out for some ice-cream in a sec!..Today is Saturday anyways so I might as well." With that he stormed out the door not wanting to be teased anymore.
'I mean no one teases the awesome me' he thought to himself.

--Back to spain---

"Francis?"Antonio asked

"Oui?" Francis replied after taking a sip from his coffee.

"You know where ______ works right?" Antonio questioned.

"ohonhonhon oui, i do." Francis smirked.

How he knew where you worked was a mystery and even i don't want to find out about it.

With that both of the members of the trio got down to their plan.

----Time skip to about an hour or 2----

"Guys! I am back! Kesesesse…" Gilbert shouted as soon as he walked into the apartment.

"Huh ? Looks like they are gone somewhere..probably off to the bar." He muttered to himself as he looked around.

'Pyo~' Gilbert's little bird squeaked.

"Ja ja, I'll get you some food now."
Turning around to walk over to the kitchen he saw a note on the table:

Me and Toni are going to the 'café latte!'
Come pick us up at 6pm,
au revoir~
-Francis and Antonio.

'What!? They can't even drive themselves home Gilbert asked himself
Kesesesese, no one can resist my awesome driving skills!'

'Piyo~' Gilbird squeaked in agreement but mostly because he wanted him to hurry up and give him some food.

'You worked in a café despite the fact you very shy, on the bright side it's not like you severed the costumers. Your job was to calculate the profit and loss of the shop. You were a bit of a school nerd but that didn't bother you at all.'

"_____!" your boss called out to you breaking your line of concentration, more like your trail of thought.

"Y-yes?"You replied, you felt easily intimidated by people even if they weren't an intimidating person.

"Can you take over Eve's shift?"
'Eve, that girl, skips out on work most of the days but I am not usually asked to take over anyone's shift.'

"W-why?" You asked clearly not wanting to the front position at the counter.

"She went home saying she hard urgent work to attended to, she was mumbling something about a story or something."

"But that doesn't matter! Can you take over please?" your boss pleaded, it was a change of plans on short notice.

Seeing as your boss was in a pinch you agreed.

"Also she had a late shift today!" Your boss quickly added as a side note as she made for a run before you could protest.

Soon as your brain processed what your boss had said you regretted your decision.

'I-i can do this…'you thought trying to encourage yourself. ' I think…'
You quickly changed into the café's working uniform. Your nerves started acting up, as

you walked toward the counter by the time you reached you were shaking in fear but not enough for people to notice.

As each costumer came up to ask about their seating and so on you addressed to them, trying not to mess up. You knew how everything worked as you were always there near the counter calculating but people didn't seem to notice.

On one of the tables at the far end, Antonio and Francis were sitting quietly. Not that you could see or hear them. They were keeping a close watch on you or should I say they were practically stalking.
Their faces were hid behind the café menus so you wouldn't recognise them.

"Hey,Francis I thought you said she didn't severe the costumers." Antonio whispered.

"Hey! How am I supposed to know the details?"

"Well, now what? Our plan won't work anymore."  'Toni complained.
"Let's just stay here; she is quite pretty, the more I look at her I think should keep her for myself.

"Hey!" Antonio said giving Francis a nudge. "Leave this chica for Gil, after all he can finally feel the true love" he added.

---Time skip—--

Thank god! Its 6pm already, every costumer and the staff was gone, including those two shady people how were unmistakably staring at you.
You looked out the window and you saw storm clouds headed your way. This can't be good you thought to yourself.

'Now I just need to get the keys and I'll be out of here to my nice quite home but then it will be Monday once again…I'll have to talk to people and Gilbert might see me looking like a weak idiot again, the last time he saw you was when the two of you were in groups.Gilbert,the guy from my class who I like but our personalities are the opposites of each other.'

"Hello?" A man entered.

"S-sorry we are closed sir." You replied quickly.

You walked closer to get a look at the man's face better; it was none other than Gilbert.

"Oh,s-sorry we just closed."

"It's fine, I came to pick up my friends like they said but they aren't here."

'Gilbert now is your chance!' He thought to himself.

"s-so?" He tried to engage a conversation with you, for the first time he seemed to be losing his cool.

"I must get going." you said as you looked out the window once again, it had started raining.

'…she must now like talking to me heh..' he thought to himself  discouraged.

'help…I have to get going!' you thought to yourself in fear as you took a quick glance out the window.

The thunder roared, on cue your body shook in fear.
'______ ______ a shy girl with the greatest fear of thunder.'

"Frau You alright?!" Gilbert asked concerned.

Another loud roar of the thunder and out of fear and instinct you jumped into his arms! Making the both of you fall to the ground.
This lead to the both of you being in the most awkward position ever, for the first time the German/Prussian man was at loss for words.

"Hey, f-frau..?"

'nmmgh' you replied was muffled.

"…your scared of thunder?" It sounded more like a statement than a question.

"I-i," you muttered trying to say something while clearly ignoring his question.
The albino pulled you closer to him,

"Now frau, how about you rely on me for a while."
Tears flowed down your cheeks, you hugged him tighter.

"T-Thank you" was all you could manage to say at this point
The weather had started to quietened down, after 10 minutes or so but to you it felt like countless hours.
But this was your chance to say something you always wanted to.

"Gilbert, I-I love you, I know that we are very different from each other but-"  You waited to be rejected but you wanted to say those words for a long time and this seemed like the best time.

Just by hearing the first four words, He suddenly had a boost of confidence.

"I love you too! Frau, I may not be the smartest but at least I know OPPOSITES ATTRACT~" He winked at you,

"Now mein property, how about I drop you off at home."

Little did the both of you know the 2 members of The BTT were in the closet across, how they managed to fit in is a question and how they'll get out is  another.
If you liked it Please take your time to 'Favourite' the story.
Thank you

i am back with another story like i promised! >.<
i am very slow with the requests but...i have no excuse..
This one was requested by : :iconresistance33:
I tried to make the reader shy as possible.

Thanks you for reading
Comments are appreciated!


NOTE!- I DON’T own Hetalia or Prussia/Spain/Francis/, they belong to the rightful owner!
I OWN the story Plot.

You belong to Prussia~
(his awesome-ness owns you~ or you can always own yourself)

Me: Until next time reader-tan~!

For more of my xreader (reader insert) work: [link]
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"Why are you screaming my name in the morning?!"
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Francis and Antonio the closet...and will come out of the closet together....
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