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December 8, 2012
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Introductions First~
This is my first reader insert~ I am kind of new to DA. So please dear readers have some Mercy.
You and Germany were quietly drinking your cool drinks.
How did this happen again you thought to yourself?
"Ah..yes I arrived early for my BIG interview... after Ludwig stated the obvious we went to get drinks and here we are.." you answered yourself.

The two of you quietly drank your Green tinted drinks.

And With a "thud," you put the glass down,
..just then you caught Ludwig staring at you..well at your lips to be exact.
You could feel your cheeks heat up instantly
"L-Ludwig," you stammered

"Uh..,"He immediately realized what he was doing.
"... Sorry about that! It's just that your lips..,"

"M-my lips...?" And now you could definitely feel a blush creeping up your cheeks.

"They are...," He stated with straight face.

"Y-yes?!" You said with a hint of eagerness to know what he wanted to tell you.

"..Tinted green from the drink,"
Ludwig stated with his usual poker face.

Your eyes widened immediately, you took out your small panda mirror that Yao got you last year. It was so cute you fell in love with it at first sight.

And to your shock they were tinted green, to make it worse a dark shade of green!

You licked your lips hoping that the colour will fade.
You were so worried a that you didn't notice Ludwig watching you.

Ludwig's P.O.V

I watch her as she lick her lips somehow it made me feel uncomfortable in a certain way.

I could feel my cheeks heat up.

"Here ______," I handed her a wet tissue.

She looks at me as if she just realized that I was there.

She quickly grabbed the tissue and mumbled quick thanks.

I watched her try to rub of the green tint.

She suddenly turned her head to me and I could see tears forming in her beautiful (e/c) eyes.

Back to your P.O.V

With tears in your eyes and with a panic in your voice you quivered
"L-Ludwig the green tint won't come off.. And and I have a interview and wh-what if it doesn't fade of I time..I-I'll give a bad impression of myself!,"

Ludwig looked in your eyes, hoping you would calm down a little.

and said, in his ever so monotone voice.
"Here give me the tissue and let me do it...," realizing what he had just said he blushed a dark shade of red.

"Uh.. I mean..,"

You looked at him and handed him the tissue not even hesitating that's how much you wanted the tint off your lips.

"H-here," you said suddenly realizing the hesitation in your voice.

As Ludwig took the wet tissue, you leaned toward him slightly pulling your lips toward him.

As you saw Him lean closer, you blushed.

And to your shock, ever so gently he tried to take off the tint.

He sighed not succeeding,
Both of you were so close to each other that you could feel his breath.

Before you leaned back he said
"C-close your eyes and let me try one more thing,
Don't open them until I tell you too."

Blushingly you did as you were told.

" Th-Thump, Th-Thump "

You could feel your heart beat at a fast pace.
Not a moment later you could feel Ludwig's rough fingers. Trace your lips.
It sent shivers down your spine,
You opened your mouth to say something only to be cut off by Ludwig's soft lips.

Your heart started to beat faster and faster by the second.

You could feel him kiss gently yet with a hint of passion.

You could feel this indescribable sensation.

He licked you lips gently ,it felt as if he too was trying to make the Green tint fade away.

you wanted to pull away but for or an unknown reason,you didn't.

He gripped your hands not letting you escape his lips but to you it felt like he wanted you to respond to his kiss.

And you did your lips were now in sync with each other' rhythm.

But it wasn't for long before you parted in need for air.

Ludwig looked at your lips and smiled sweetly but it was a wasted since your eyes were still closed.

"__-______ you can open your eyes now,"

You both stared at each other and blush a darker shade of red by the second.

"It-it's gone the green tint on your lips,"

You raised your hand and slowly traced your slightly wet lips.



"Y- Yes?"

"F-For a long time now I wanted to say this... ich liebe dich ______,"

"I-I love you too Ludwig
I love you too."

You stared into each other's eyes lovingly.
Holding hands and forgetting about rest of the world.
The moment felt everlasting.....

That is..until the waiter interrupted...
um..yea..well i hope you like it.
Tell me if it needs the mature content on! i can do that.
ich liebe dich - i love you.

Comments are greatly appreciated! :)


NOTE!- I DON’T own Hetalia or Ludwig/Germany, they belong to the rightful owner!
I own the story.
You belong to Ludwig~ (if you want~ or yourself!)

Me:see you next time reader-chan!
Germany: S-seeya m-meine Liebe ////
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